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Suikoden I is by far one of the most innovative and create RPGs for the Sony Playstation 1. Currently standing very little RPGs can compare to the twists, plots, game play, battle scenes, and just overall character development of any series. Suikoden I was released for the North American PS3 in 1996.


Suikoden I main plot surrounds political struggles of the Scarlet Moon Empire. You, as the main player, is the son of a Scarlet Moon Empire general whom is destined to gather the 108 stars. Gathering the 108 stars of destiny, will save the kingdom against its own self and bring peace.
The game-play is relatively simplistic. Its s a traditional role playing video game with turn based combat. Players team moves characters across landscape to reach dungeons or towns. In order to advance in the storyline you must complete the main quest or side quests to enhance your journey throughout the Suikoden I game.


The hero can acquire all 108 stars of destiny, which SPOILER ALERT, only READ IF YOU HAVE BEATEN THE GAME ALREADY - just this next sustenance!!!!!, will give you special cut scenes or additional story-line advantage if acquiring all 108 stars of destiny. All 108 stars of destiny are a part of your army. The majority of the stars of destiny are usable in combat. Others are used as a part of your castle, as an example, a chief or a coordinator.

Combat triggers through random encounters. Each player you can control their abilities such as normal attacks, or magic if applicable. Weapon Range is a huge part of the combat dynamics. A variety of ability attacks range from Short, Medium and Long. Short range usually consists of swordsman which means you HAVE to place them in the front row, or long range attacks which are best suitable such as bowman or magic casters in the back.




Weapons are generally unique to each character. The only way to improve one's weapon is by sharpening their weapon. The only  shops in the game are armor and items.  In each town, you will be acquiring information on how to recruit additional stars of destiny to your army.


Runes are the main source of all magic in EVERY Suikoden game ever made. Each character is of a specific rune, which later on as you progress through the game, you will get a stone tablet that lists each star of destiny and their unique rune. Certain characters have a number of spell usages by their magic statistics. In example, a non-mage type character may only have 4 level 1 spell slots like a healing spell, while other mage classes will typically have different and higher level magic runes.


There are two other type of battle systems which make the Suikoden series very unique and is consistent pretty much throughout the whole series which is the duel battles and the war battles. 



In one on one duels, you get three choices to choose from which are attack, defend, and special.
• Attack beats defend
• Defend beats special
• Special beats attack

In Strategic war battles, the four groups are attacks, bow attacks, magic attacks, and other.
• Charge attacks beat Bow attacks
• Bow attacks beat Magic Attacks
• Magic attacks beat Charge attacks
• The other command enables a special ability.
The main plot of this game is about the son of a General in the Scarlet Mono Empire, Teo McDohl. The Hero, soon realizes that he is surrounded by corruption through missions and associations with his father. The Scarlet Moon Empire has a country that is unhappy.


The Hero has a close friend named Ted, who passed on the  Rune of Life and Death to the Hero, which is also known as the Soul Eater. SPOILER ALERT, In Suikoden II, the Soul Eater does exist as a 108 stars of destiny "technically speaking." You will have to get all 107 stars of destiny before you can recruit McDohl as a playable character towards the end of Suikoden II. The Soul Eater is considered one of the 27 True Runes which all True Runes govern a aspect of the world.


The Soul Eater Rune, has been a critical asset that the Scarlet Moon Empire has been attempting to acquire by corrupt officials within the empire. With this in mind, the Hero is forced to flee the main capital city of Gregminister to start his adventure and create the Hero's Liberation Army. The rest of the story - you must play and see for yourself. Captivating twists, and plots keep this game still stellar into this decade.  Luckily, if you don't have a physical copy of Suikoden I, you can purchase it on the Playstation Store. Go buy it and indulge yourself with over 40+ hours of game play if you attempt to acquire all 108 stars of destiny. Also, if you LOVE this series like I do, go buy the Chinese series Outlaws of the Marsh, which is Suikoden has incorporated ideas from the novel series.

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