Legend of Legaia 2: Duel Saga - Only play this if you played the first one on PS 1

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6/16/2013 3:54:45 PM

What can I say about this game? I think I steam rolled it on the first day I purchased it under 10 hours, which is a little longer than Yoshi's Story for the N64(4 hours game play time).There was Very little material in this game compared to the predecessor, Legend of Legaia, which you can easily get over 50+ hours of game play time.



The game was developed and deployed October 1st 2002 by Eidos Interactive in North America. It is a role-playing game and one of the first games to be released for the Playstation 2 for the RPG genre.  The game-play has the same concept as the original Legend of Legaia. It is a turned-based Tactical Arts System which is unique to this series.

There are several mini-games, quests, and optional challenges. Some of these include a guild that allows you to undertake quests, or a casino, which I think is "the norm"  now in almost every RPG game out there, Serendipity in Final Fantasy XIII, or Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy XII.



Compared to the original one, you still get hidden bosses in the game. Through mini-games you can encounter these secret hidden bosses such as in the Battle arena or the Centurion Challenge.


The Combat is very unique to Legend of Legaia 2, but is the same system that the predecessor used. You have to implement unique button commands to create special arts for each character on your team.


There are a total of 14 unique maximum arts for each character. There are several types of art moves.
• The Normal Arts: Basic moves that allow the ability to acquire AP.
• Super Arts: More powerful than basic arts, but require AP to cast
• Hyper Arts: More Powerful than basic arts, but require AP to cast
• Mystic Arts: Which combine each characters strong attack with their Origin power.
• Variable Arts: Which allows the characters to combine to do double team movies.

Accessory combinations in Legend of Legaia 2 allow each character to unique create specific accessories for their own individual traits.

The story that revolves in this game is not related to the predecessor at all, which I was kind of bummed out about. The first Legend of Legaia revolved around the mist and monsters taking over cities and villages. In Legend of Legaia 2, the world is the same, Legaia, however, it is centered around a group named Mystics. These Mystics are considered outcasts and are mistaken as monsters.


Mystics have the ability to summon spirits called Origin. Throughout your adventure, the first character you meet is called Lang and he is a youth who is a mystic. The plot, to save the world from Avalon who is trying to destroy the world. Lang will run into four additional characters whom will help on his conquest to save Legaia - Maya, Sharon and Kazan.



I had to play this game, just because I played the first Legend of Legaia. It's predecessor is 100X better than this game. As I am loyal to the series, I had to suck it up, take a deep breath and steam roll through this game just to say "I played the sequel to Legend of Legaia." I guess since this game bombed out so seriously bad that they haven't made another Legend of Legaia sequel. It's a shame they couldn't leave off on where the first Legend of Legaia left off, or even just make a Reboot of the first Legend of Legaia.  I would recommend this game to players who played the first Legend of Legaia. However, if you are new to the series, stay away, you will be disappointed.

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