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6/16/2013 1:40:31 PM

Soul Calibur II, is what I would consider, a upgraded version in both quality of graphics, characters, stages and music compared to Soul Calibur I. Soul Calibur II was defiantly one of my favorite fighting games for the Game Cube. You could play as Link! How cool is that? It makes me a happy Panda!


Now there are obviously other platforms you could play Soul Calibur II on. You can play either on the Arcade, Playstation 2 or the Xbox. I ended up getting this game for the Game Cube though and so happy that I did XOXO.


 The story takes place in 1951, old skool huh?, four years after the events of the first Soul Calibur. The terrible terror - the knight in azure armor, Nightmare, finally was successful in collecting enough souls and was about to start the restoring ceremony. Three light warriors stopped his ceremony though, but the Soul Edge's evil was just too powerful and send the young warriors into a vortex of hellfire. Soul Edge's evil aura, revealed it's true form - that of the Holy Sword, Soul Calibur. After the battle ended, with holy successful, the vortex collapsed and alongside it did the holy and evil sword with Nightmare


Siegfried set out on a journey to atone for his sins. The blade still held onto its evil and collected souls. Four years later, Nightmare returned to reek havoc upon the land. Various warriors came into contact with the blade's remaining fragments revealing Soul Edge's survival after its defeat. A New journey began for the warriors in Soul Calibur to possess or destroy the Soul Edge.



The following characters are available to play in Soul Calibur II:
• Cassandra
• Raphael
• Talim
• Yun-Seong
• Sophitia
• Hwang
• Charade
• Cervantes
• Ivy
• Kilik
• Maxi
• Mitsurugi
• Seung Mina
• Taki
• Voldo
• Xianghua
• Yoshimitsu
• Nightmare
• Lizardman

• Astaroth
• Heihachi Mishima (from Tekken on PS2)
• Spawn (from comic book on the Xbox)


 The game play has improved radically. The key game engine improvements include the following:

• Easier Step and Avoid systems
• Arena Walls and Wall-specific moves
• A three-step Soul Charge system
• A clash system when two attacks would hit each other - performing a white flash deflection
• Guard Break attacks which blocking players into a post-guard impact.


There are a variety of fighting modes in Soul Calibur II that range from:
• Arcade
• Team Battle Mode(which allows you to create your own unique brigade)
• Time Attack
• Survival Battle
• Training Mode
• Extras
• Museums which in every Soul Calibur game, includes character artwork, various videos, and weapon exhibition.


My favorite part about this game was the ability to choose different modes ithin the arcade mode. Instead of the usual arcade 1VS1 battles, the arcade modes allowed you to choose the following
• Conquest Mode
• Weapon Master Mode
These modes allow you to basically go through a story line for each character. Each character goes through "regions." Each region has their own enemies and story lines. While you traverse through the regions, you are known as a swordsman searching for Soul Edge. You face through-out the journey a dangerous knight named Veral who later takes on the form as Nightmare and then Inferno. Through defeating your enemies, you gain experience points for your character and money, which allows you to buy awesome sauce equipment such as weapons, art, costumes, and videos.


The mode has ten normal chapters, and four sub-chapters. Within the Conquest mode, there is additional two extra  bonus chapters and extra missions.

Loved, Loved, and Loved this fighting game!!! I own every single Soul Calibur games and this one is by far my favorite out of all of the Soul Calibur Series.  You can still purchase this game if you own any of the following systems: Xbox, GameCube, and Playstation II. I would recommend getting this game in a heartbeat after reading this blog post XOXO. Go out and get it fellow Geeks - Geekettes!

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I love this game!

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