Fighting Golf - This game will make you /uninstall life

6/7/2013 8:19:12 PM

Fighting Golf, probably one of the worst child-hood experiences that I had to go through. I think my father wanted me to somehow get involved with the sports game "Golf." Maybe he thought it was a great idea to teach me how to play and learn the concepts of golf through this game, but wow.. what a traumatic experience.  I hope none of you suffer the same fate as I have.


What made this game so excruciatingly painful? Was it the graphics, the concepts, the game play, music, or just the same 18 holes of the US and Japan course? Let's just a say all of the above.

When you start the game, you can choose between 4 different golfers - Super Mex(Trevino), Pretty Amy, Miracle Chosuke, and Big Jumbo. Each character has their own unique charcterstics. Pretty Amy has limited range, but easier to aim. Miracle Chosuke and Super Mex(Trevino) are average attributes. Big Jumbo, as the name suggests, has the best range, but worst aim.


It's a bummer that this game only offers four golfers whom are completely unrealistic and have the most corny names. Who would name their golfer Miracle Chosuke? Not to mention bad names, but why would you name the title of the game "Fighting Golf?" It's not like you are taking a driver and beating your opponent lopsided with it. It's not like you are fighting Bears that are attempting to attack you on the 14th hole using a 7-iron. I'd rate this game slightly higher if you could.


The Gameplay leaves a bad after taste in your mouth, like driving a can of diet Sunkist - undesirable. The player's golfer has to avoid sand-traps,  water hazards - like wild snakes and a treacherous Lochness monster( I wish right? .. that would bring the excitement of this game up a notch!), rough ground, and trees.  


You have the ability to play two different courses - either the United States or Japan Course. The USA attempts to mimic the country characteristics by building almost all 18 holes with bunkers and super rough. The Japan course is based off of their country characteristic, water and tight boundaries.  It's too bad the developers of this game could not be creative. I would have loved to play a round of 18 in Kyoto Japan. :)


All I have to say is this game sucked. Do not play it! Even if your friend offered you a 100$, don't do it..


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