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6/7/2013 8:02:41 PM

You know how sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, or even in the morning and you are like "Wow, Did I really dream that?" I say that to myself every time I see the title of this game, Did I really play this game when I was 6? What came into my mind at the time that made my mother pick this game up for me? Couldn't she just look at the front of the game and realize that it's not a "Street Fighter" nor a "Mortal Kombat" game?


It's a shame that this game didn't pan out that well. It had a quite a cute concept where  the story took place a pre-apocalyptic universe. The Giant Red Sun was about to go supernova within hours. Representatives of each colony must fight each other in a grueling death battle of epic proportion to see whom would gain the ultimate trust of the supreme intelligent race called the Primaries.  Doesn't this story sound already super cool, and I mean super cool like when Vegeta meets Goku in Dragon Ball Z for the first time and notices that his power level is over 9000!






If you win with your character, the Primaries will grant that particular race another galaxy to live in along with their future generations. In this game, there are only two humans which is a total bummer, they are not even from planet Earth either! What a letdown! :(


The game also has another plot (why, I don't know. It doesn't even jive with the main story since the super nova will be blowing up all of the races planets in that particular galaxy.) The sub plot consists of a Demon Lord who is leading a underground campaign. The demon lord wants to take over the 12 star galaxy.


This demon lord attempts to conquer all of the stars rulers. In doing so, he enslaves all of them , except for one which is you!!! Do you have the power to slay this demon lord? Honestly, I don't think he is worth your breathe :)

As you are the last remaining hero, which this game totally reminds me of Battlefield Earth in comparison to a mixture of randomized plots for no apparent reason, battles through the enslaved rulers and into the final battle. The final battle, which is the Demon Lord himself! (mahuha)...





Well, this game is quite a interesting experience for a fighting game. There are many unique characters such as a man-eating plant, a cyclops boxer, a jellyfish creature, a anthropomorphic lobster( who came up with these character designs?!),a amazon warrior with tonfa, a anthropomorphic kickboxing horse, and the list can go on and on. I'm wondering what the developers were thinking when they were coding these characters, like "wow, this is great" or really just laughing on the inside.


Either way, a unique story line and different characters at the time it was created. I believe you should play this game once, and only once to see the story line. Do not do what I did and play it on/off sparingly!


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