Blades of Steel - Beat down, bust down and pure awesomeness.

6/4/2013 9:20:16 PM

It wasn't the hockey game play that attracted me, the 8-bit stunning graphics of Blades of Steel, nor was it the sound-bite on the game. It was the beat down, bust down, and the fighting scene of you and your appointment facing off for the hockey puck. This alone, made Blades of Steel on my awesome list of games you should play.

Let's face it, you need to blow off some steam, this game is defiantly up your alley. You go head-to-head with your own hockey team against a opponent, either  VS a real friend or a CPU. You can choose up to a variety of teams which include the following: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, or Minnesota. There were three level of difficulties, Junior, College and Pro - self defined definitions, do not choose Pro difficulty if you are not a "Pro" and if you're a newbie at hockey games, choose junior difficulty.

Each team consists of three forwards, two defencemen, and a goaltender. When you first initially create your game, you will be given a choice of Exhibition or Tournament. I would suggest for practice to choose Exhibition as such would only team you up against a real life opponent or a CPU, where tournament style is based on NHL playoffs.  If you pwn all the newbs in the NHL playoffs, you are rewarded with a pure awesomeness cup. 1+ Achivement!

Fighting occurs, which, is by far, the best feature of this game, when two plays bump into each other three times in a row without hitting another player. Now, I would purposely try to get into enemy line to beat up the opponent - face time, because, it was just a lot of fun. The fight screen would appear and you, as the gamer, get to take control of the hockey player. The loser is then given the beat down and is penalized for not throwing a quicker punch; that particular player is sent to the corner.





The last thing that I would like to mention is the voice sampling in this game was quite unique as there was only a few critical words said - "Blades of Steel" on the title screen, "Faceoff" before each "faceoff" and the words to embrace when a fight breaks out (remember to put on your punching gloves!) "FIGHT!." My suggestion,  if you have a NES available still, try this game. At least to experience one of the best hockey games to have existed on the NES at the time.

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