Final Fantasy 1 - One of the greatest games for the NES and a savior for SquareSoft.

6/4/2013 8:46:35 PM

One of my favorite games that was ever released for the Nintendo Entertainment System was Final Fantasy I. I was five years old when my father had bought me this game - and boy was I excited. I spent literally 5 hours of my life every day sitting in front of the TV playing this amazing role-playing game. It had got to the point where I would even video-tape through VCR my video gaming session and watch re-runs of my battle fights and the terrain of the Final Fantasy 1 Word.
What made this game so awesomely awesome? It was considered one of the first role-playing games that popularized the "RPG" Genre for the NES. During the NES console era, it was one of the "best looking" game graphics for its time. The Gameplay at its time was unbeatable with a over-world map,  town , dungeon maps, and a battle screen.
In the Over-world map, is basically the whole world in which you, as the adventurer and your band of four heroes traverse through different towns, and dungeons while meeting the dangerous monsters like "the bad men", "the warg wolf", and those horrible mage casters in the Marsh Cave whom could potentially insta-one shot your team if not properly prepared! During your travels, you will acquire different variety of teleportation such as a canoe, a ship, and an airship. My favorite, of course, was the airship which you can get very early on in the game if you get the canoe.
Dungeons Maps allow you to fight for certain treasure, or "rare items" in the game that will help you progress through the story. The Game's Menu will allow you the ability to keep track of items, which you can either buy in town from equipment sellers, specifically weapon or armor sellers, magic spells, and experience points.
Final Fantasy's combat was very unique at its time where in introduced menu-based fighting, or turn-based action style. The styles you could choose from was Fight, Magic, Drink, Item and Run. If the band of heroes successfully succeed in their life or death situation, the group of heroes will receive experience and gold - individually based for experience. Final Fantasy was the first game ever to show characters on the right side of the screen. The enemies were on the left hand of the screen. This was a unique adaptation that would help sell the game.

There are six character classes you can choose from, which include the following - Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, Red Mage, White Mage, and Black Mage. My team always consisted of a Fighter, Thief, Black Mage, and White Mage. My Main character, which was the fighter, would always be named after Me "Moni" since at the time, you could only create a 4-character letter name for your character name on the NES. Another cool feature on the NES version of Final Fantasy I was your characters actually started off as children. When you progress into late game you acquire a quest that turns your "children" characters into "adults". My fighter looked so bad ass when he was a adult. I still remember the first time my character turned into a adult after Bahamut's trial and I just thought it was the most brilliant idea at the time.






The Story beings with your 4 heroes who have each carry a darkened crystal. Your mission, is to save the world. You end up going on a variety of missions which include saving a small town from a band of pirates, going to a ruined castle in search of a mysterious dark elf whom you give-the-beat down only to receive a crystal which would allow for a barter between Matoya to acquire a herb to awaken a sleeping prince. Towards the end of the game, as you continue, the quest only becomes more detailed as you fight fiends of the elements to restore the orbs of light. Once this has been achieved, the temple of fiends is opened and you are sent 2000 years into the past to destroy the main boss of the game. Pretty cool huh? Those Square Soft developers at the time really took a risk with this game. By taking that risk, they were able to save themselves from bankruptcy and save the franchise as a whole! A life without SquareEnix is a life without penut butter and jelly - impossible!

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