About Us

Video Gaming Anime Network is a personal project of Monique M. A systems administrator at a medical company in Las vegas NV.

Monique has always been into technology, even from a very young age. Her father is also into technology, working for Panasonic, and would place Monique in front of the Atari 2600 and other consoles when she was as little as 2 yrs old. Growing up she got her hands on virtually every console and handheld system that came out. Today she still collects virtually every game system out there in addition to a widespread anime collection that she is very fond of. Monique's first real jobs were working in IT as a PC Tech but she quickly advanced into systems administration and networking positions. While being notably talented in her technology career, she still spends much of her free time playing retro consoles and watching anime shows.

The urge to blog and share knowledge about her gaming, anime and technology experiences is what gave rise to this website. With the help of friends and family she has created Videa Gaming Anime Network where she can share, vent, scream about the things shes loved since a child. Hopefully some fun and helpful education will come of it also!

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